Manoj Motwani, MD

Manoj Motwani, MD
Manoj Motwani, MD of Motwani LASIK Institute of San Diego

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Dr. Manoj Motwani is recognized as one of the foremost LASIK surgeons in San Diego. Manoj Motwani, MD is also considered an authority in the field with his advanced laser techniques, including those he personally developed.

Manoj Motwani, MD is a graduate of the prestigious Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY with a B.S. in Biology.  He attended one of the oldest medical schools in the country, Albany Medical College of Union University in Albany, NY  His Medical Internship was performed at Albany Medical Center in Albany, N.Y.  His Ophthalmology Residency was performed at New York Medical College in New York City, which serviced five hospitals in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Westchester.

Dr. Motwani is performing some of the most advanced, cutting-edge Refractive Surgery in the world today. Specializing for 17 years in San Diego in laser vision correction, Dr. Motwani has perfected the new Contoura technology to create vision that has the potential to be better than any other vision correction modality, as it not only corrects astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness, it also removes the biological abnormalities humans have in their corneas to unleash the full power of the eye. Motwani LASIK Institute is also the only center in San Diego that performs the KAMRA Corneal Inlay procedure, the only procedure that currently allows you to keep your distance vision and returns your reading vision. Dr. Motwani has been performing refractive surgery in San Diego since 1999.

Dr. Motwani is currently working at the cutting edge of ocular science, publishing peer-reviewed papers that will change the industry, bringing laser eye surgery into the future.

Now specializing in not only creating eyes with vision that can be better than what is considered “normal” human capability, returning reading vision to those who have lost it in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, he also specializes in repairing corneas from past surgeries, trauma, and disease processes. His center is not only the most cutting edge in San Diego but is performing some of the most advanced work in the country. His expertise is already being sought by Alcon Surgical, Wavelight Lasers, and other laser centers in understanding and performing topographic guided laser ablation, new Contoura studies, amniotic tissue membrane for faster healing of surface ablation, and correction of problem past procedures.