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Manoj Motwani, M.D. Cures Daily Headaches with LASIK in San Diego / La Jolla

Lasik using Contoura with LYRA Protocol eliminated the “hidden” astigmatism in both the eyes, and Karina had her long term everyday headache (for 13 years) eliminated 2 days after the procedure. Dr. Manoj Motwani of Motwani LASIK Institute in La Jolla has had great success in eliminating long-term headaches in people suffering from hidden astigmatism. If you are someone who has suffered years of regular headaches, it may be your eyes straining to deal with astigmatism that can be corrected using LASIK Contura with LYRA Protocal. Suffering these kinds of regular, long-term headaches can cause a significant loss of quality of life so visit to learn more about how Dr. Motwani LASIK laser eye surgery technology might help you.

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