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Will I Need LASIK Again as I Age?

Dr. Manoj Motwani, MD is often asked if LASIK laser eye surgery will have to be performed a second time because of aging. The answer is “usually no.” Besides Presbyopia, eyesight actually doesn’t change much after late teenage years. So astigmatism repaired in your twenties should last a lifetime if it is done correctly.

Dr. Manoj Motwani Repairs Warped Cornea

Dr. Motwani took on this botched RK LASIK surgery that resulted in two warped corneas, now this San Diego patient is experiencing 20/20 vision. He is also experiencing increased clarity due to LASIK laser eye surgery to repair a highly irregular and warped cornea from past RK surgery. Dr. Manoj Motwani was able to use topographic laser guidance system to measure and isolate the damage and then perform repairs.

“I’m seeing better now than I’ve ever seen in my life after having LASIK with Dr. Motwani.” -Pete of San Diego

Dr. Manoj Motwani of Motwani LASIK Institute of La Jolla performed the surgery and explains the process in detail. If you are suffering warped cornea, call Dr. Manoj Motwani now to schedule a consultation to see if Radial Keratotomy topographic guided repair will help you see better. (858) 554-0008 or visit…