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Will I Need LASIK Again as I Age?

Dr. Manoj Motwani, MD is often asked if LASIK laser eye surgery will have to be performed a second time because of aging. The answer is “usually no.” Besides Presbyopia, eyesight actually doesn’t change much after late teenage years. So astigmatism repaired in your twenties should last a lifetime if it is done correctly.

Dr. Manoj Motwani: True or False? “Astigmatism cannot be cured with LASIK”

FALSE – Manoj Motwani, MD

Dr. Manoj Motwani of Motwani LASIK Institute dispels the false MYTH that astigmatism cannot be repaired with LASIK laser eye surgery.

Dr. Motwani has been using LASIK laser eye surgery to effectively treat astigmatism since 1999. Laser vision correction performed directly on the cornea is very effective against astigmatism. Laser vision correction is, in Dr. Motwani’s opinion, “the very best way to correct astigmatism!” Manoj Motwani, MD answers many questions about LASIK laser eye surgery at the Motwani LASIK Institute website at

Dr. Manoj Motwani, MD: Accurate LASIK Surgery for astigmatism, farsightedness & nearsightedness

Manoj Motwani, MD

Dr. Manoj Motwani and his staff have been providing laser vision correction to San Diego residents since 1999. Using carefully selected technology and personally treating patients each patient himself, Dr. Manoj Motwani has gained a reputation as one of San Diego’s finest Refractive Surgeons. Motwani Lasik Institute was specifically designed to be spacious, warm, and to alleviate the anxiety that can come with having laser vision correction. The staff of Motwani Lasik Institute genuinely cares about their patients and does their best to make patients feel comfortable and thoroughly treated. – See more at
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Dr. Manoj Motwani on Need for Artificial Tears after LASIK

Dr. Manoj Motwani discusses LASIK and the question he frequently gets about artificial tears. The issues with dry eyes are transient. Good post-op treatment will help your eyes go back to normal tear production in short order.

Artificial tears are helpful to deal with the transient dry eye side effect that resolves over a short period of time so your eyes will soon be producing a normal amount of tears. So the answer is, no, you will not need artificial tears forever. Artificial tears are just helpful to relieve dry eyes resulting from the successful LASIK eye surgery procedure.


Dr. Manoj Motwani Explains Presbyopia Need for Reading Glasses

Dr. Manoj Motwani explains that presbyopia is a fact of life. By our forties, almost EVERYONE loses the ability to focus up close so reading glasses must be used to read the small print. This is something Dr. Motwani can usually fix at Motwani LASIK Institute! 1-month post-op KAMRA corneal inlay by Dr. Manoj Motwani to treat presbyopia, and return reading vision. The patient is able to read without reading glasses for the first time in many years while also having clear distance vision. For those who think reading glasses are just a fact of life, contact Dr. Motwani at Motwani LASIK Institute for a consultation today and you may be giving away your reading glasses forever!

“I love it! I love not needing reading glasses!” – Julie of San Diego

Visit to learn more about how Dr. Motwani LASIK laser eye surgery technology might help you. Manoj Motwani, MD answers many questions about LASIK laser eye surgery at the Motwani LASIK Institute website at (858) 554-0008 4520 Executive Drive, Suite 230 – San Diego, CA 92121 Please also check out Motwani LASIK Institute on Yelp!…

Dr. Manoj Motwani Repairs Warped Cornea

Dr. Motwani took on this botched RK LASIK surgery that resulted in two warped corneas, now this San Diego patient is experiencing 20/20 vision. He is also experiencing increased clarity due to LASIK laser eye surgery to repair a highly irregular and warped cornea from past RK surgery. Dr. Manoj Motwani was able to use topographic laser guidance system to measure and isolate the damage and then perform repairs.

“I’m seeing better now than I’ve ever seen in my life after having LASIK with Dr. Motwani.” -Pete of San Diego

Dr. Manoj Motwani of Motwani LASIK Institute of La Jolla performed the surgery and explains the process in detail. If you are suffering warped cornea, call Dr. Manoj Motwani now to schedule a consultation to see if Radial Keratotomy topographic guided repair will help you see better. (858) 554-0008 or visit…